Michigan Medical Marijuana (marihuana) Caregivers that Care. With the passage of Michigan Proposition 1 (Medical Marijuana (marihuana) we enter a new age in Michigan (caregivers & patients). Michigan medical Marijuana (marihuana) is now legal to possess and grow by valid permit holders. Valid permit holders can be a Michigna medical Marijuana (marihuana) caregiver or a Michigan medical Marijuana (marihuana) patient. Patients are allowed to carry 2.5oz of medical Marijuana (marihuana).  A Caregiver is allowed to grow 12 plants per patient. One can be both a michigna medical Marijuana (marihuana) patient and a michigan medical Marijuana (marihuana) caregiver. We are proud to be both michgian medical Marijuana (marihuana) caregivers and michigan medical Marijuana (marihuana) patients ourselves. If you are looking for a Michigan medical Marijuana (marihuana) caregiver you have come to the right place.

Our Mission: To provide the highest quality medical Marijuana (marihuana) to qualifying patients in The State of Michigan. We pledge to do this in a legal, professional, yet discreet manner. We at MMMC realize that a stigma still exist unfortunately with medical Marijuana (marihuana) in the State of Michigan.  As a result, we not only want to service the public, but we strive to educate the public as well. At Michigan Medical Marijuana (marihuana) Caregivers (MMMC) we respect your privacy and will service you in a compassionate manner. 

At Michigan Medical Marijuana (marihuana) caregivers  we are dedicated to healing your pain, and the astigmatisms that stems from these destructive attitudes. At Michigan Medical Marijuana (marihuana) Caregivers (MMMC) we honor you as a progressive and courageous force of change. We believe one way we may do that is to be conscious and respectful in all our interactions with all our neighbors.

We are all an advocate for Michigan medical grade Marijuana (marihuana) and should always to be professional and respectful when interacting with the public. Know the law do your homework, hopefully you will find Michigan Medical Marijuana (marihuana) caregivers website useful and informative on Michigan medical Marijuana (marihuana) program.

Currently Michigan law allows us to function as Michigan Medical Marijuana (marihuana) caregivers (MMMC). When the law permits we will expand to a Michigan Medical Marijuana (marihuana) Cooperatvie (MMMC).

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